Training Videos San Francisco

ADAPTABLE in Trying Times.

Getting your message out in a time when meeting in person may not be an option is more important than ever.

Videology integrates professional video studios to enhance standard Zoom calls with seamless multi - camera and content switching for corporate presentations, trainings, and other live events.

If on-site recording is a must for your production, we have you covered. Neal Morrison and Luana Plunkett both have obtained COVID-19 Compliance Officer certificates to help everyone stay safe. Neal has now worked numerous times as a Covid Compliance Officer on commercial shoots in the Bay Area under the jurisdiction of Local 16.

Training Videos San Francisco

The pandemic has created a whole new reality to obtaining footage. Popular TV shows, News and corporate media are all shooting their own footage on smart phones and Zoom calls.

Videology works with your existing assests to help create powerful content from less than ideal raw footage.